Demo Classes at Downtown Dance Factory Happening Now!

Jan 19

Towards the end of every semester, Downtown Dance Factory, NYC’s hippest dance studio for kids and adults, holds what they call “demo classes” for the current semester’s boys and girls in ballet, hip-hop, jazz, tap, and lyrical dance, to strut their stuff for their mommies, daddies and loved-ones. Demo classes are held during the regular time slot for each class over a period of three weeks. It’s a wonderful opportunity for both parents and kids. The kids get to unload any performance anxiety in advance of the big recital in June, and parents get to see what a class at Downtown Dance Factory is all about!

The first of the demo classes were held last week and the early word is “SPECTACULAR!!” The children were amazing. They knew their routines and they enjoyed every second of their performance. Their regular dance uniforms were adorned with feathers and other accents to communicate that this was indeed no regular class. With a wide-eyed audience, hanging on every leap, grand jeté, pop-and-lock, shuffle and slide, the dancers brought it! Parents were overheard exclaiming, “Wow! I never expected anything like this! I can’t wait until the recital!” Others tweeted, “just speed scooted to @downtowndanceny to watch S demo dance class! and @downtowndanceny we LOVED it! Just showed the video to The Hubby. LOVED!!”

Demo classes resume this week. The kids who have not yet had a demo are chomping at the bit based on what they’ve heard from fellow dancers in other classes. It seems there’s not a whiff of stage fright in the lot!

If you have not yet registered your child for the Spring semester, speed scoot to Downtown Dance Factory and get on it! Classes for the new semester begin on February 3rd. Now with a combined nearly 10,000 square feet of dance studio space, spread over the current studios on the 5th floor and the new studios on the 4th floor—there’s room for everyone to chassé to their hearts content!