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Invitational Classes

In reviewing our schedule, you may see the word “invitational” next to a class.  This means the class is closed for general registration.  While Downtown Dance Factory classes are open to all boys and girls, we do have some classes reserved for dancers who have experience with and aptitude for a specific dance genre. 

The Downtown Dance Factory staff spend a great deal of time with the Invitational selection process.  We want all dancers to dance in the place that is best for them developmentally and that best reflects their level of skill.  We take into account not only the specific dancer, but all the dancers as a whole, to create classes that accommodate each dancer’s needs as well as the needs of the group.

fall 2016 classes


Offered for age: 2 years old with parent/caregiver

Aimed at our 2-year old budding dancers, TutuTots is a dance class that the little ones can take along with their parent or caregiver. A tasting menu of different dance styles… we throw in some ballet, some jazz/hip hop, some creative movement, some fun dance-based games… and most importantly, a large dose of imagination!


Offered for preschoolers, ages: 3 - 5 years old

Does your pre-schooler love moving to anything with a beat? If so, this class is custom-designed for him or her! In these 45 minute classes, we start learning the basic elements of our jazz/hip hop fusion technique, and explore fun, modern movement to the pop and rock hits of today! Move over Justin Bieber ... here come our KindiHoppers!


Offered for preschoolers, ages: 3 - 5 years old

This is the first step in our boys program. Taught by one of our resident b-boys, in these 45 minute classes our KindiBoys are introduced to hip hop and b-boy moves, simple freezes and funky footwork, progressing once in Kindergarten into our older boys program. (Note: Our KindiHop program is also offered for boys of this age).


Offered for preschoolers, ages: 3 - 5 years old

For the pre-school ballerinas among us, we are pleased to offer our 45 minute long KindiBallet classes. In these classes, we learn the basics of classical ballet in a relaxed, comfortable, non-stressed environment, and lay the foundations for progression into our higher levels of classical ballet tuition. Story-telling and the imaginative use of props will help your young dancer develop the true ballet aesthetic!


Tap/Ballet - Offered for preschoolers ages: 3 - 5 years old

Our KindiCombo class is the perfect sampling of dance for your active pre-schooler who is ready to jump in with two feet. This is a class that allows students to experience both the gentle, imaginative, and classical world of ballet as well as the fast-paced, rhythmical, LOUD world of tap. A launching pad for the dancer who wants to do everything, KindiCombo allows students to gain experience in two disciplines at an age appropriate level and prepares them to continue with Downtown Dance Factory training as they grow.

Jazz/Hip Hop Fusion

Offered for ages Kindergarten through 8th grade

Developed by our Artistic Director Hanne Larsen, Jazz/Hip Hop Fusion is the cornerstone of the Downtown Dance Factory’s offerings. Combining technical aspects of jazz dance with modern hip hop elements, this class sees students explore the style of dance used in present-day video clips, movies and on dance floors everywhere, while always keeping within the bounds of what's age-appropriate for our young dancers! If your child dreams of dancing her way onto MTV or the stage at MSG, this is definitely the class for you!Please note: K/1, 2/3, 4/5, 6th-8th refer to grades, not ages.


This invitation-only class is aimed at students with strong dance experience

This invitation-only class is aimed at students with strong dance experience who are looking to take their dancing to the next level, particularly in the areas of technique, leaps, turns and more complex choreographies. The class is based in the jazz/hip hop genre, can only be taken in conjunction with another weekly jazz/hip hop class, and is a year-long rather than a semester-long commitment. As well as working on exercises and sequences that will enhance technical development, this class will learn a dance in first semester that will be performed at events to represent Downtown Dance Factory over the course of the year.


Offered for ages: Kindergarten through 4th grade

Our ballet program is designed to provide students with the fundamentals of correct classical ballet technique. Students are encouraged to embrace the beauty and discipline of this traditional dance style in a nurturing and non-judgmental environment. Downtown Dance Factory is affiliated with the Cecchetti Council of America and incorporates elements of the Cecchetti , as well as a wide range of other ballet methods and influences, especially that of Geogre Balanchine, whose legacy is so important here in New York City.Please note: K/1, 2nd-4th refer to grades, not ages.


Offered for ages: Kindergarten through 4th grade

From the days of Fred Astaire to the rhythms of Savion Glover and beyond, tap has been an integral and ever-evolving part of the American dance landscape. Our program allows students to explore rhythm and musicality through the use of their dancing feet. In these classes, students will learn the basics of tap dance in a fun environment where noise is encouraged!Please note: K/1, 2/3, 2nd-4th, 4/5, 6/7 refer to grades, not ages.

Lyrical Dance

Offered for ages: 1st through 8th grade

Combining jazz and ballet techniques, lyrical dance uses movement to interpret music and express emotion. A very passionate and emotional style of dance, its roots are based in a fusion of ballet with rock, folk, pop and alternative music. With a strong technical basis, this is a perfect class for the dancer who is seeking the benefits of classic dance technique, but with a more contemporary flavour.Please Note: 2/3, 3rd-5th, 4th-6th refer to grades, not ages.

Street Hip Hop

Offered for ages: 2nd grade through teens

The Hip Hop style of dance has become increasingly popular with both boys and girls, incorporating fast footwork, freestyle dance and free flowing and funky movement. This style is based mainly on street dance styles that have evolved as part of the hip hop culture. Our street hip hop classes are danced to a wide range of past and present hip hop and R&B music, with all music and choreography being age-appropriate at all times. Too cool for school!Please note: 2nd-4th refers to grades, not ages.

Boys program

Offered for ages: Kindergarten through 6th Grade

Of course boys are welcome in all our classes, but our special boys’ program is a real “boys club”! These extremely popular classes are designed to get more boys dancing in an environment where they feel comfortable and can have fun. Taught by one of our energetic male hip hop instructors, our boys classes are an introduction to the world of b-boys and street-based hip-hop dance culture. Freezes, footwork, freestyling ... Breaking, b-boying, busting a move ... Our boys rock!Please note: K/1, 2nd-4th refer to grades, not ages.