Recital General Information

Save the Date!!!

Recitals 2017 will be held over the weekend of June 2nd through June 4th at BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center! Below is a tentative schedule for the shows.  More detailed information will be sent in March 2017.  

Show 1 - Friday June 2nd 6:30pm Show 5 - Sunday June 4th 9:30am
Show 2 - Saturday June 3rd 9:30am Show 6 - Sunday June 4th 1:00pm
Show 3 - Saturday June 3rd 1:00pm Show 7 - Sunday June 4th 4:30pm
Show 4 - Saturday June 3rd 4:30pm  

Recital FAQs Most questions about recitals can be found on our FAQs page.  But feel free to call or email and we'll answer everything you need to know.


downtown dance factory recital policy

All dancers* are strongly encouraged to participate in our dance recital. A costume fee per dancer (per class) will be charged along with winter/spring 2017 semester tuition. If for any reason a dancer will not be able to participate in the 2017 recital, please let us know prior to the February break (i.e. prior to February 16th, 2017), and you will be refunded your costume fee.

* note that our TutuTots students do not participate in recital, but instead have an in-class demonstration at the end of winter/spring semester.