Recital Testimonials

Stacey (mom of Belle & Sadie)

I can't thank you enough for an amazing year of dancing for my daughters.    they both love it so much and for Sadie it has really become her life. She lives and breathes dance everyday and loves DDF SO MUCH.  Thank you for creating something that has given her such focus and passion.    

The recitals were amazing, all six of them!   its amazing to me the organization feat it is to pull those off so smoothly, not to mention the creativity and talent bursting off the stage.  Really unbelievable.  We are so happy and proud and grateful to be a part of the community you created.

Thank you very much!

Colleen (mom of Lyndsey, Julianne, Katie & Megan)

A HUGE thank you from our HUGE Family for another wonderful year of dance...
You 2 are incredible and amazing and I truly don't know how you do all you do--and that's coming from someone who LOVES a good organizational challenge :-)  You have both brought so much joy to me and my family--and the thousands of others in your dance world community. And for that we are forever grateful.

Mary (mom of Nina)

We just wanted to thank you, on the heels of yesterday's wonderful recital event, for bringing the DDF to life! The energy and passion that everyone associated with your program brings is infectious to the kids.

Bonnie (mom of Ariella & Juliana)

I am beyond impressed with how smoothly and professionally everything went and most importantly how incredibly happy all of the kids were performing ... I truly believe it has to do with the beautiful combination of genuine acceptance and affection that you show, without foregoing high expectations. So, thank-you thank-you for being such wonderful influences in our girls' lives. Keep up the amazing work!

Terri (mom of Grace)

You have created the best dance program and we are so thankful to you and your staff. The recital was amazing and my little dancer is still beaming! Beyond professional, fun and exciting - THANK YOU!

Amy (mom of West)

As a DDF first timer, I truly didn't know what to expect of the recital performance...AMAZING! You both have such a gift & I feel so lucky to have my daughter at your studio. You try your best as a parent to expose your kiddies to people, places and activities that will enrich and shape them into well-rounded big people...DDF does that on so many levels!  Hats off to you.

Sari (mom of Sasha)

I'm sure you have heard it a 1,000 times but the show was fabulous, you should be so proud of what you built! Truly amazing.

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